Our Year 6 & 7 pupils were running on STEAM at the London Science Museum on Tuesday 28 February. The trip included both a trip to the “Wonder Lab” where they enjoyed live experiments at the Chemistry Bar and lightning demos at the giant Tesla coil, and an opportunity to learn what it is like to work in STEAM in “Technicians”, where they participated in hands-on interactive exhibits that simulated job-related tasks.  This is what they had to say about their trip:

“The Science Museum trip was very interesting. We first went in the Wonderlab which had lots of inventions and small things to do. Then we had lunch. After this we went and learnt about being a technician. The Science Museum trip was very interesting.” Emilia (Y6)


“We were able to do lots of cool stuff like learning about a cool egg experiment. The egg experiment was when you put three cups in a triangle formation and then put a board which is smooth one one side and rough on the other. The rough side goes up. You put tubes above the cups then eggs on top of the tubes then wack the board and it will go flying off. If done correctly the eggs will fall into the cups. “ Charlie (Y6)


“The Wonder Lab was a fantastic experience as you could go around and learn about science in a fun and intriguing way. When my group went around the museum, it was interesting looking and reading about space and some of the old rocket parts that were hanging from the ceiling.” Niamh (Y7)


“It was a very fun experience because for kids learning by playing is the best.” Adnaan (Y7)