Building A Bright Future For All

Colchester High School delivers an inspiring education for boys and girls aged 2 1/2 - 16, focused on building a brighter future for all

Welcome to Colchester High School

Over the past 140 years Colchester High School has built up a reputation for providing an excellent all-round education whilst preparing our pupils for life beyond school.

Today that reputation still stands.

Through our inspiring teaching and forward thinking STEAM curriculum, we build in our pupils, ages  2½ to 16, the confidence, self-belief and strength of character to achieve their full potential whilst nurturing in them a global perspective and a mindfulness for social responsibility which will last throughout their lives.  It is a community focussed on “Building a Bright Future for All”

The six key factors that combine to set our private school apart are:

Our Academic Success

Our boys and girls exceed national expectations in every age group and perform strongly at 11+ and GCSE – all the more impressive given that we are a non-selective school.

Our Focus on Character Development

In an ever-changing world, we are committed to providing an education that develops strength of character and prepares our pupils for life in general and their future careers

Our Global Perspective

Our pupils leave Colchester High School with a strong sense of citizenship, a respect for others and an understanding of the world around them

A STEAM Focussed Curriculum

At CHS we place particular emphasis on the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) to provide our pupils with the skills needed to be ready for tomorrow’s world

Creating Digital Pioneers

Every pupil from Year 3 to 11 is provided with a 1-2-1 device to support and enhance their learning, inspire creativity and collaboration and develop autonomous learners.

Our Individualised Approach

We insist on small class sizes so that our high-quality teachers can give personalised attention to each child. Your son or daughter won’t get lost in the system here

Main Tel:
01206 573389
After School Club:
07505 436582
Early Years Wraparound:
01206 217110