Senior School

By focusing individually on each Senior School student, we help them to fulfil their potential and achieve excellent academic results year after year.

Colchester High School’s Senior School offers our pupil’s the perfect environment for academic and personal development. With a broad range of subjects and extra-curricular activities our pupils are encouraged to start making decisions about their own education, widening their horizons and determining their roles in society.

By understanding our Senior School pupils on a personal level, we’re able to tailor their educational experience to ensure they learn and develop in the best possible atmosphere. Each of our pupils (and their parents) will have the opportunity to feedback and help to construct their own path in education here at Colchester High School.

Why Choose Our Senior School?

Find out how we provide an excellent education that not only promotes academic success but creates confident balanced individuals

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Welcome to our Senior School

Our boys and girls thrive in a culture that combines tradition with forward-thinking to encourage each individual child to learn, develop and succeed.

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Senior School Curriculum

The curriculum in the Senior School is designed to inform and inspire our pupils so that they can set their own ambitions and build towards them.

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Senior School Staff

Our teachers work hard to establish strong relationships with every pupil so that they can help them succeed at school, in exams and in later life.

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When it comes to exam success, it pays to be well prepared. Here you can find some key dates for your diary and advice on how to perform at your best.

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