On Wednesday 8 March, pupils once again took part in Food Waste Action Week. In partnership with Chef Laura and our school caterer’s Thomas Franks (Surplus to Purpose) and supported by Mark Mason from Design Nature, pupils in Year’s 3 to 6 and 7 and 8 were involved in exploring aspects of Food Waste reduction under the theme “Win, Don’t Bin”; creating their own recipes from essentials found in our cupboards at home; costing out meal deals; and gaining an understanding of Green Careers, including Mrs Cullen’s insights into her family farm.


This is what the pupils thought of the day:

“I liked the lunch and we were winning not binning by not wasting food.” Ben 5H

“It helps the school become more eco-friendly and cut down on food waste.” Charlotte 5H

“I was amazed that the most food waste comes from our homes” – Aimee 5S

“I realised that you can make lots of different meals with just a few ingredients” – Ella 5S

“I really liked the simple but fun activities, liking thinking of recipes for foods which we have in our cupboards. “Ewan 5S

“I enjoyed the activity where we learnt about portion sizes”. Eli 8T

“I did not know how much food was wasted in out homes on a daily basis”. Ella 8T