On returning to school at the start of this year, pupils in our Nursery and Prep School were given an extra surprise – a woodland had grown in one of the classrooms over the summer! Designed by Mrs Hazell, we are delighted to have opened the first of our Immersive Classrooms and to provide our pupils with an amazing multi-sensory learning environment which can be used for both wellbeing and creative learning activities.

Prep school pupils have already been planning on how best they can use our interactive learning space – notably our new Head Boy (Prep), Ted, has suggested, “I would like to use the woodlands room for PSHE and reading and mindfulness. We could also use it for geography lessons, learning about the world and science if we are learning about habitats and animals. We could use the room for creative writing or do maths/ colouring patterns or art in there as the landscape would spark our imagination. I am really inspired by our new classroom”.

The woodland was even used by Years 6, 4 and 3 for their first ‘paired’ reading session this week.