It was an honour and a privilege for three of our pupils, Maddy, Anna and James, to meet with the Queen Consort on Tuesday 7 March at Colchester Library. This was part of the Royal visit to Colchester in recognition of being awarded City status by the late Queen Elizabeth II last year. We were so proud of how they represented our school, especially Maddy who read aloud so confidently from her Essex Year of Reading winning entry for the Essex in the Past, Present or Future competition. The pupils were also delighted to have the opportunity to meet television presenter turned children’s author Dermot O’Leary, and writer Frank Cottrell-Boyce along with the Mercury Theatre cast of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter.

Meanwhile, our Nursery and Prep children were absolute champions, waiting on the High Street for the opportunity to see King Charles III and the Queen Consort. We do hope they remember this significant occasion.