School Uniform

Our school uniform instils our boys and girls with a sense of belonging and pride, and is designed to offer a feeling of comfort throughout the day.

Private School Uniform

Our smart traditional school uniform is an important expression of the rich heritage of our school and the pride we all feel to be part of such a close-knit community.

Below you can download breakdowns of the uniform requirements for each phase of the school. To purchase what you need for your child, you can either use our school uniform supplier, Coes of Ipswich, or you can take advantage of the nearly new shop run by the Colchester High School Association. There are separate shops for Early Years, the Lower School and the Senior School, all offering a range of good quality uniform and sportswear. The Colchester High School Association also supply our new coats and prep sunhats.

Please note the following colour codes for House related uniform:

Romans (Rabbits)Red
Saxons (Badgers)Yellow
Normans (Squirrels)Blue
Danes (Hedgehogs)Green

View our CHSA Nearly New and New Uniform Shops