Welcome to our Nursery

Our experienced Nursery practitioners have created a safe, stimulating atmosphere in which our boys and girls are happy to grow, develop and learn.

Nursery in Colchester

Every child at our Nursery receives a wonderful start in life. Take a look inside any of our warm, safe, homely rooms and you will find happy, secure children, playing, exploring, experimenting, socialising, discovering, learning and, above all, smiling.

Take a closer look and you will see the attention paid to each individual child by our experienced, well trained practitioners. You will see how we encourage and nurture their personal interests, how we set them specific goals, and how those goals are so closely monitored that they can be updated by the hour.

If you watch for a little longer, you’ll also notice a structure to the way we engage with the children – a structure that allows us to combine formal learning in phonics and maths with more free-flowing play sessions. And you will also see specialist teachers coming in from later stages of the school to introduce the boys and girls to subjects such as PE, ICT, music, drama and languages such as French and Spanish.

Our safe, happy environment, our engagement with each boy and girl as an individual, and the expertise of our practitioners make for a powerful combination – designed to give your child the best possible start in life. And it works. Nationally, 70.7 per cent of children achieved a good level of development by the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery to Reception) in 2017.  Within our Early Years Department, I’m proud to say that we achieved 100 per cent by the end of the Reception year.

I love showing new families around our Nursery. They always remark on the happy faces of our boys and girls, the vibrancy of our rooms, and the stimulating environment of our outdoors space. Do please get in touch if you would like to see it all for yourself.

Karen Hull
Head of Early Years