Nursery Uniform

Wearing a uniform encourages our young boys and girls to come together as a group and gives them a spirit of sharing, friendship and community.

Our Nursery children are a treasured part of the wider Colchester High School community. Wearing a comfortable variation of the school uniform helps them to feel a sense of belonging that we believe makes a real difference to the way they settle in and flourish.

Below you can download a breakdown of the uniform requirements for our Nursery. Summer Uniform is required from after Easter through to the October Half Term holidays.

To purchase what you need for your child, you can either use our school uniform supplier, Coes of Ipswich, or you can take advantage of the nearly new shop run by the Colchester High School Association, offering a range of good quality uniform and sportswear. The Colchester High School Association also supply our new coats and prep sunhats.

Use the links below to view the uniform requirements and the CHSA uniform shops.

Nursery Uniform CHSA New Uniform Shop CHSA New Uniform Shop