Lower School Staff

The close relationship between teachers and pupils in our Lower School ensures that teachers know their pupils well, enabling good progress for all.

Mr David Young Principal

Mr David Young

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Mrs Carole Goodwin Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Carole Goodwin

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Mrs Harriet Croydon Assistant Head Responsible for Teaching and Learning

Mrs Harriet Croydon

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Staff Name Qualifications
Mrs Karen Hull BA (Hons) Early Learning
Staff Name Qualifications Title
Mrs Sarah Bramall BSc (Hons), QTS Key Stage 1 & 2 Phase Leader
Mrs Claire Smith BA (Hons), QTS Lower School Pastoral Leader
Staff Name Department/ Form Qualifications
Mrs Sarah Bramall 2B Form Teacher BSc (Hons), QTS
Miss Katherine Burton 6B Form Teacher BA(Hons), QTS
Mrs Margaret Deasy 3D Form Teacher BA(Hons), PGCE
Miss Hazel Door 3HD Form Teacher BA (Hons), PGCE
Miss Catherine Hall Trainee Prep Teacher BSc (Hons)
Mrs Anne Hazell 5H Form Teacher BA (Hons), MPhil, QTS
Mr Fraser Jamieson 6J Form Teacher BA (Hons), QTS
Mrs Emma Maclennan 3D Form Teacher BA (Hons), QTS
Mrs Alice Maregeli 5M Form Teacher BSc, PGCE
Mrs Emily Procter 1P Form Teacher BA (Hons) PGCE MA
Mrs Helen Roberts REC Form Teacher Bed (Hons) QTS, Cantab
Mrs Philippa Rogojan-Rush 4R Form Teacher Bed (Hons)
Mrs Claire Smith 4S Form Teacher BA (Hons), QTS
Mrs Clare Young REC Form Teacher BEd (Hons)
Staff Name Qualifications
Miss Ruby Hunte NVQ Level 3 Childcare and Learning Development
Mrs Clare Merry NVQ Level 3 Childcare & Learning Development
Mrs Sonia Whitlam NVQ 2&3 Teaching and Learning in Class
Mrs Emma Traynor MA, BA (Hons), PGCE
Staff Name Job Title Qualifications
Ms Cora Allen Head of Learning Support BA (Hons), PGCE
Miss Nicola Andon BEd Hons QTS, T.E.F.L
Mrs Jackie Finch Cache Level 3 Diploma in Pre-School Practice
Mrs Kim Munson
Miss Katie Dixon
Staff Name Qualifications
Mr Greg Eaton
Mr Ross Farley
Mrs Gillian Gerrard LTCL, GTCL (Hons)
Mrs Rebecca Hammond
Mr Chris Kuhnert L.G.S.M.
Mr Colin Matthews LLCM, Cert. (Mus.Ed.) TCL
Staff Name Job Title
Mrs Stacey Lane Office Manager
Mrs Laura Evans School Secretary
Mrs Maria Rees School Secretary
Mrs Natalie Steadman Finance Officer