Lower School

As they progress through the Prep and Junior School, our pupils are given a broad high-quality education and the confidence to make the most of it.

Colchester High School’s Private Lower School prides itself on offering only the best education to children aged 4 -11 years old. We create an environment that lends to varied educational practices that over the years have proven to be the foundation for exceptional academic attainment.

From year 3 onwards our children are introduced and prepared for the 11+ examination. This means that when the time comes, they’re fully prepared to excel themselves and reach their full academic potential.

Welcome to our Lower School

Our emphasis in the Lower School is to make sure that each child enjoys the care, support and attention they need to learn, develop and flourish.

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Why Choose Our Lower School?

Read here to find our more about how we offer the best primary education for your child

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Lower School Curriculum

Our Lower School pupils enjoy high-quality teaching in core subjects supplemented by specialist teaching in sports, modern languages and music.

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11 Plus Provision

Learn more about how we prepare our most able pupils

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Lower School Staff

The close relationship between teachers and pupils in our Lower School ensures that teachers know their pupils well, enabling good progress for all.

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