Ski Trip 2018 - scenery

Day 2: The beginner group perfected their turning whist in the snow plough position. After a while the group began to feel more confident and began to, at times, parallel ski! After a rest and a refreshing lunch we then geared up and made our way out onto the slopes. We were told that we weren’t going back to Magic Carpet, instead we were going to conquer our first Green Slope. At first we were all skeptical about our ability. However, we were constantly reassured by our guide (and the teachers) that we were ready. To our surprise it wasn’t as hard as we thought; we all really enjoyed our experience. We had to use the chair lifts twice – which really scared some people, especially as one of the lifts stopped twice during the journey back. We really can’t wait to get back out on the slopes tomorrow!!!

By The Squad Ft. Harry, Will and Curtis

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