Our Ethos

We celebrate individuals at Colchester High School – giving each of our boys and girls the education they need to make the most of their personal talents and potential.

The success of our school is built on two key characteristics: small classes and high-quality teaching. These foundations allow us to offer the kind of education that we think works best – an education tailored to each individual boy and girl in the school.

A good teacher working with a small class can get to know each pupil as an individual. They can identify their strengths and weaknesses, discover what motivates them, and figure out how best to help them progress.

We have great teachers at Colchester High School – teachers who can not only focus on each individual pupil, but who are also specialists in their subject. And we do not limit this specialist teaching to our older pupils; we provide it throughout the school so that even our nursery children benefit from expert teaching in subjects such as Music, French, ICT and PE.

The same two key characteristics explain why our pastoral care is so strong. We don’t just get to know the academic aptitudes of our pupils, we get to know them as boys and girls with all their enthusiasms, fears and dreams. This allows us to provide an equally focused approach to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural education, ensuring that they develop the kind of personal qualities our society needs.

Our commitment to individualised education also extends beyond the curriculum. Here, our watchword is opportunity. We offer an exceptional and ever-changing array of clubs so that each of our children can identify and explore all of their talents.

This is a school where we make the very most of ourselves – our boys and girls, our teachers and support staff, and even our buildings and all the fantastic amenities in the local area. We take pride in turning all of this potential into success. That is our ethos.