Inspection Reports

Our school was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in March 2016. We are extremely proud of the findings published in their report.

Inspection Reports

Our school was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in March 2016. We are extremely proud of the findings published in their report.

Colchester High School excels in almost every way. That is the message at the heart of the Independent Schools Inspectorate report, based on the inspection team’s visit to the school in March 2016.

They found that our boys and girls have an ‘excellent’ attitude to learning; that the contribution made by our teachers is ‘excellent’; that the education we offer the children in the classroom is ‘excellent’; and that our extracurricular activities are ‘excellent’.

They also judged that the personal development of our children is ‘excellent’; the pastoral care we provide is ‘excellent’; and that the steps we take to keep our children safe are ‘excellent’. In fact they reported that the way the whole school is run is ‘excellent’.

We are very proud of what the inspectors said about our school, and especially so with what they said about our boys and girls. You can use the link below to download and read the whole report for yourself, but we have pulled out a few passages that really hit home with us.

ISI Inspection Report

March 2016


“Pupils have a very real sense of belonging to a community….”

“The excellent relationship between teachers and pupils ensures that teachers know their pupils well and creates a very effective learning environment, enabling good progress for all.”

“Pupils’ excellent attitudes to learning are a significant factor in their good achievement.”

“Teaching throughout the school supports the school’s aims to help pupils to become confident, ambitious and independent learners.”

“Teaching… demonstrates great understanding of the needs of pupils across the full ability range [offering] more able pupils high levels of challenge and good opportunities to develop and make progress.”

“Pupils are well educated… with their potential being recognised and personal achievements celebrated.”

“Pupils speak confidently and articulately… and they listen carefully, respecting others’ ideas.”

“The curriculum fulfils the school’s aims to provide varied, challenging and inspiring learning opportunities.”

“Pupils show excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development… strongly supported by excellent pastoral care and welfare systems.”

The Report also talks in detail about our Nursery and Reception provision:

“All children… make excellent progress in relation to their starting points. They enjoy their learning, achieve high standards, are creative and think critically.”

“A wide variety of stimulating educational programmes helps the children to reach and usually exceed their expected levels in development.”

“Teachers are enthusiastic and effectively engage and motivate children through well-planned activities”

“The children demonstrate excellent self-confidence as they arrive in the morning, they settle quickly and they enthusiastically prepare for the day ahead.”

“The children thoroughly enjoy the cultural diversity of the school community and respond well to the promotion of values such as fair play and respect for others.”

ISI Regulatory Inspection Report


ISI Regulatory Inspection Report

March 2019

Please find below our recent ‘Regulatory Compliance Inspection’.

Our last education related inspection report is above and we remain incredibly proud of the number of ‘Excellent’ grades we received.


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