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Congratulations to the 17 pupils who bravely participated in the Year 9 Public Speaking Competition – kindly sponsored by Mr Papworth, our school fete town crier, who has donated a beautiful silver cup for this annual event.  Competitors gave a two-minute talk on a subject of their own choice, answered a question from one of the seven judges, and gave a vote of thanks for another competitor’s speech.  As everyone knows, effective public speaking is a valuable skill but it takes courage and clarity of thought to stand up in front an audience and give a good speech.  The judges had many criteria to mark and a total of 230 points to consider for each speaker.  Very special congratulations to the overall winner, James for his informative and fluent talk on ‘Programming’.  A close second was Daniel speaking on the topic of ‘Nigeria’; third was Tilly who enlightened the audience with her understanding of ‘Thyroid Cancer’; and fourth was Ben who entertained with his passionate ‘Things I Hate about On-line Shopping’.  Thank you also to the judges: Mr Young, Mrs Bickersteth, Mr May, Mrs Hoddell, Alfred Riddell, Adam Hills and Matthew Adcock who had the extremely tricky task of selecting the four leaders from a field of very talented speakers.  By Anderley Hampson

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