CHS pupils go for a bike ride

Today for breakfast it was a full English. The breakfast was delightful, we enjoyed it very much.

In the morning, groups four and one went surfing and came back very cheerful yet very sandy and wet. Meanwhile, group two and and group three were doing very exciting activities, such as mounting biking and climbing. We really enjoyed the activities and would happily do them again

After our active sessions in the morning, all the groups had lunch. For lunch we had pasta and garlic bread. The lunch was delicious!

In the afternoon some groups did orienteering, climbing, trapeze and high ropes. There were many other fun activities! The afternoon was so enjoyable, even if the high ropes were scary and high!

Next was dinner, for dinner we had Turkey burgers; everybody loved their burgers and soon we set off for the disco!

At the disco there was a pool match against Frankie and Louis, unfortunately for Louis he lost by 2 points.

We learnt two new songs that everyone liked except the teachers! One of the new songs goes like this:’petunia petunia petuniaaa’ and ‘I’m a little teapot TEAPOT!’

Overall we had a great day on Thursday and enjoyed it enormously!

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