Year 4 Mercury Theatre Kindness Workshop by Musa

On Tuesday 28 February, Year 4 went to the Mercury Theatre to participate in activities to help us be friends and keep each other safe.  The first activity was a voice warm up/ice breaker and it was fun as we had to beat each other in saying our names as quickly as possible.

After that, we had to keep each other safe and the game was holding a person on their arms whilst they had their eyes closed and we had to gently push them towards another person who had to receive them and guide them on to someone else.

Next, we were in partners and took it in turns to concentrate and slowly move our hands so that our partner could follow the movement. I found it difficult to make slow hand movements and think about where my hand was going so that my partner could really follow it.

The main activity was to create actions for parts of the story “Friend or Foe” by Michael Morpurgo.   We split into three groups and each group was given a set of words that we had to mime when the story was read aloud.  Our group’s words were: David, soldier, Gyp and bus.  This was exciting because we got to create our actions for the story without seeing what the other groups were doing.  When the drama leaders read the story as soon as we heard our words we acted out our actions.

I learnt to keep each other safe you have to tell them what you are doing so that they know that you are not going to do anything that is going to hurt them.  I also think that we learnt to trust each other by hearing them out and letting them show you what they want to do.

I would definitely recommend the drama workshops and hope that we can do it again.

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