What An Amazing Assembly by Year 3

Year 3 started off the Parent Assembly season and their performances did not disappoint their audience of parents and peers. In a series of skits, the pupils recounted some of what they have learnt this term so far and they have clearly been very busy! After listening to four very talented musicians at the start of the assembly, the children showed how the visit from Mr Butterworth had inspired their writing as well as love of reading. We then went on to learn about how times have changed since the Stone Age. Clearly it is much easier to get a shopping delivery now then it was to hunt for food. The pupils were also clearly influenced by their visit to the Holly Trees Museum and provided a wonderful performance of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in sign language before reciting the fairly unknown remaining 4 verses. In Science they have been learning about the skeleton and gave a wonderful performance of the Skeleton Song. To have learnt so much and then so confidently portrayed this knowledge to the parents is incredible!

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