A Week in the Life of the Lower School by Mrs Bickersteth

Christmas has certainly arrived in the Lower School .The CHSA Christmas Bazaar went really well last week – thank you everyone who made this such a success. There were many new ideas for stalls and it was amazing at how swiftly the chocolate raffle stall was cleared. There were long queues to visit Santa’s grotto and it was great to see pupils from across the whole school joining in with the bazaar.

More evidence of the festive season has been seen with the arrival of the Christmas post boxes for children to use in school and the prefects have been carrying out their postal duties well. House captains have also been busy helping to collect in all the housepoint  totals to see who will be the winning house for this half term. Many lovely Christmas gifts have been made by children in the Prep department and it was really lovely for parents and family members to come into the Early Years Department this week for Christmas craft mornings with their children. The CHSA Christmas gift stalls were very popular this week; the selection of gifts was really good, beautifully gift wrapped for the children and the children were so pleased with their choices. It was also good to see the Senior Prefects helping the younger children with this.

The festivities have not prevented the serious academic life of school continuing, with this week having seen assessments taking place in classrooms, with children concentrating hard and applying the learning from the past term. The children are used to regular assessments and when there is a week in which the ends of term assessments take place, the children are able to settle to their tasks with a sense of familiarity. By the time the children have progressed to Year 6, they certainly are well-prepared with how to face exam situations. Teachers will be using the results of the assessments to inform their planning for each child’s future learning.

At the rehearsal for the Carol Service today it was clear that CHS has some very talented children and I am sure that you will enjoy the service if you are able to attend this tonight.

As the term draws to a close,  I wish all of you a merry Christmas and hope that you have a most enjoyable holiday.


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