Volunteering in Nursery for Duke of Edingburgh

By Oscar Year 10

Recently I have been helping out at Nursery during my Wednesday and Friday break times for my Duke of Edinburgh award. Nostalgia struck me at once when I entered the spacious Nursery class for the first time in 10 years. I remember looking around the room reminiscing all the small details such as the wall with all the birthdays of the children and boxes filled to the brim with dinosaurs and other toys. Although, one thing I did not remember was being so small. The Nursery have been a pleasure to take care of and in reality, spending my breaks with them does not feel work at all. I have also enjoyed seeing my former Nursery teacher, Mrs Hull who, along with Mrs Young and all the staff, have done a brilliant job with the Nursery during me being there and since I have left it.

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