Former Pupils

We have set up an Old Boys and Girls Association to provide a way for our many former pupils to keep in touch with the school – and with each other.

Colchester High School has been a major part of the local area for so long that the list of our former pupils sometimes reads like a who’s who of Colchester!

If you were once a pupil at the school, we would love to hear from you. What have you done in the years since? What do you remember about your time here? Was there a particular teacher who had an influence on you? Are you still in touch with your old school friends?

We would also love to welcome you as a member of our Old Boys and Girls Association. It’s still in its early days but we have already held one great get-together and we hope to provide plenty more opportunities to celebrate your successes and provide you with possible networking opportunities.

If you would like to join, then please fill in the form below. And if you would like to know any more about the association, either before or after you join, please email us at Thank you.

CHS Old Boys & Girls Association Enquiry Form

Please fill in these details and you name will be added to the Old Girls & Boys Network.

Former Pupils