Quiz Club Science Competition

Congratulations to our Lower School Quiz Club teams who took part last Friday in the National Science Quiz Club, regional heat. Please read their reflections below.

Science Competition Reflection by Niamh
On Thursday 11 March 2021, the Year 5 Science team participated in a National Science Quiz. On the team we had Gyorgy, Etienne, Niamh and Henry.  Our strength was Space but unfortunately there were only two questions about Space, so we had to concentrate on other sections more. We need to work more on our Latin as most of the questions had Latin terms in them, which we got wrong. In the end we came 19/33 which was very good as it was our first science quiz.

Science Competition Reflection by Amelia, Johnny, Cameron and Daniel
We have recently been privileged to represent the school in the National Science Quiz Club competition. We really enjoyed participating as we learnt lots of interesting facts and got fifth place out of 33 schools in the heats. We might get through to the finals! We had to answer multiple choice questions which we requite complex, and we feel it challenged us a lot. Our opinion is that we could have thought about the questions more before answering, as quite a few times we jumped to the obvious conclusion without thinking about it. We are anticipating our likelihood of getting through to the final, but even if we don’t, we were very happy to be selected and enjoyed every moment of the competition.

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