Nursery Curriculum

Each of our Nursery children benefits from a blend of free play and structured learning sessions, carefully designed to suit their individual needs.

We focus on Early Years Foundation stage seven areas of learning in our Nursery: communication and language; physical development; social and emotional development; literacy; mathematics; understanding the world; and expressive arts and design.

You can see this in action in every corner of our indoor and outdoor space – sometimes through free play, sometimes through structured learning sessions, but always with close attention from our highly qualified staff.

Every child, for example, enjoys a daily session in Maths and in our ‘Read, Write Inc.’ literacy programme. They participate in ‘circle time’, where they learn to talk, listen and share ideas as a group. And they can choose from a wonderful range of different activities – role-playing in the home corner, reading in the book corner, and engaging in all sorts of arts and crafts play.

We also have specialist teachers to lead the children in subjects such as Music, ICT, PE and French. Our PE Teacher, for example, might use our school games apparatus to help the boys and girls extend their skills in running, jumping, climbing and balancing, while our ICT teacher might help the children experiment with the brand new Nursery  iPads.

Sometimes we give the children fresh opportunities by taking them outside the Nursery, perhaps for a nature walk or a visit to a local shop. Other times we invite visitors to come in – perhaps a dentist, a hairdresser or even a child’s new baby sister.

Whatever we do, we map it closely against the seven areas of learning, monitoring each child’s individual progress and setting next steps that we share with you as parents. That way we can nurture each child’s strengths and interests at just the right pace to promote their self-esteem and confidence. It’s an individualised approach that continues into Reception and then into Key Stage 1 and beyond.