NSPCC Number Day at CHS

Thank you to everyone, pupils , parents and staff for this year’s involvement and support of NSPCC Number Day. There were some fantastic numbered clothes worn, brilliant extra maths activities and competitive adding of coins to the bottles for the house competition. Year 8 pupils completed the most TT Rockstars questions but all year groups did very very well. We have managed to raise £542 this year.

The winner of the Mathematical Cake competition is Emilia (Y5) for her hexagonal cake decorated with fractions and more. Congratulations Emilia!. Runner up is Zayn (Reception) for his beautifully decorated number 7 cake! Well done to all those who entered – super delicious Number Day bakes!



A Pupil's Perspective

NSPCC Number Day by Darcey (Year 4)

At CHS, we do lots of different activities for NSPCC Number Day. The activities include:

  • coming into school wearing any clothes but these clothes have to have numbers on them
  • bringing in £2 to donate to the NSPCC
  • another fun thing to do is bring in as many copper and silver coins as we can get and put the coppers in our House jar (to add points) and the silvers in other House jars (to take away points).

What is the NSPCC

The NSPCC means National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children. It is a charity to help abused children. They set up sponsored charity runs too and when the people take part, every step that is taken supports the NSPCC and helps children.

The House Coin Competition by Jacob (Year 6)

At school, for NSPCC Number Day, we had a House competition where you bring all the coppers you can to add points to put in your own House and silvers to put in other Houses to take away points. If you did not know at the beginning of the year that you join, you get put in one of these Houses: Romans, Saxons, Normans, and Danes. These are the Houses that competed in the competition. In Year 6, at the end of the period, in a Mathematics lesson we had to count the totals of the money in each pot. I found this activity fun and interesting because I enjoyed working with the class as a team and going off to do separate parts then bringing them together. After counting the money, we had to put it all away in separate bags. The grand total of the money was: £86.57. The winning House this year was the Danes who had a final total of £1.30. They were the only House to have a positive total! Well done to them. We must mention the Romans who raised the most money but ended up with a final total of -£37.28. All the money raised will go to the NSPCC to help vulnerable children.

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