Mr Croydon’s Senior School Blog 9th June 2017

As I reminisce on the week to write my latest blog, my thoughts instinctively turn to the start of the week, and the aftermath of the awful events taking place in London over the weekend. I know I made reference to supporting pupils post the atrocity which occurred in Manchester a couple of weeks previously, and this is an offer we have reiterated.  Staff at Colchester High School obviously do not know whether pupils at the school had connections with those involved in the incident, but either way, it is important the pupils know they can gain support should it be required.  In assemblies on Monday and Tuesday I once again reiterated to pupils the importance of them knowing there are staff they can turn to if they have been affected by recent events, or indeed have concerns about any other matter.

The remainder of the assemblies on Monday and Tuesday were devoted to giving the aspirant Head Boy and Girl candidates the opportunity to deliver their speech in support of their application. The content chosen was left to the decision of the candidate, but for the majority, it comprised the pupil’s journey through Colchester High School, which for some started in the Nursery, why that individual is passionate about the school, and how they would support their peers throughout the senior school, if elected.

The process for election as Head Boy and Girl (as well as Deputies) aims to be as fair and democratic as possible, and includes giving staff and pupils in Year 10 the opportunity to vote for the candidates they feel are most suited to taking up the privileged roles. Like all other staff, the boy and girl receiving my vote remains a closely guarded secret.  In keeping with tradition, the successful candidates will be announced at the end of year Senior School Prize Giving ceremony to which all staff, pupils and parents are invited.

The refectory has felt half empty at lunchtime this week as a few Year 7 and 8 pupils have been part of this week’s PGL trip which, from Senior School staff, has been accompanied by Mr Rayner, Miss Reid and Ms Stanton. Seeing the weather we have had, I have almost felt sorry for them however, having read the status updates from the group, it appears their spirits have not been dampened, and that they have had a great time.  Please click here for the trip blog.

The week is ending with a visit from Jack Rose and Ziey Kizzy who are currently on an Online Safety, Discrimination & British Values themed school tour. Performing to an audience of the entire Year 8 and 9 cohorts, they will deliver a message to empower pupils to make the right choices in regards to Online Safety and Cyber Bullying.  Furthermore, the message will inform pupils not to discriminate and to treat everyone fairly, whether they have a different sexual preference or are of a different race, sex, or nationality. There will also be time for a discussion about why diversity should be celebrated, and how the fundamental British Values can be upheld and promoted within school.

Fundamental British Values also had a mention from me when I delivered a Lower School assembly to coincide with the general election on Thursday.

Other aspects of my week, and that of the pupils, has included chatting to some Year 10 pupils about the speeches they are preparing as part of their English work. Subjects included: Are dragons myth or legend?; Why doesn’t water polo receive funding?  Coping with Alzheimers and Dementia; All children should learn to swim from an early age; All police officers in the UK should be armed.  Some thought provoking topics from this small group alone.  If possible, I would like the opportunity to hear some of the completed speeches.

I have also dropped in on some lessons. One was a Year 10 physics lesson in which pupils were investigating how ionic solutions can be used to complete a circuit.  I asked some questions of the pupils and I was very impressed with the accomplished answers provided.

Public exams have continued this week for Year 11 pupils, and still continue next week – again, I wish them all the best.

And finally…I want to take this opportunity to promote some events coming up in the next few weeks. On Friday 16th June the Charity Council is running a Race Night in order to reach the fundraising goal for CRY, and I know you have already been invited.  The event will begin at 6:30pm, with the first race starting at 7:00pm. You are welcome to bring family and friends, and hopefully this will be a social event that will be well attended and remembered for the right reasons.

The other event to promote is the school’s summer fete on Friday 23rd from 3pm to 5pm as organised by the CHSA. The committee still need volunteers to help on the day, not to mention as many visitors as possible to spend money at the stalls and buy raffle tickets.  Once again, I hope this will be an event which parents, guardians, family and friends can support.  I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Have a good weekend.

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