Mr Croydon’s Senior School Blog 23rd June 2017

Parents and guardians may not be aware that this week was Refugee Week. Refugee Week is acknowledged across the United Kingdom and comprises educational events and activities, as well artistic and cultural events which serve to celebrate the contribution of refugees to the UK. Furthermore, events and activities are designed to promote a greater understanding of why people feel the need to leave home and seek sanctuary elsewhere. The pupils have certainly been made aware as, not only is this initiative held dear by Mrs Long, but it is something of which I too, feel pupils should be both aware and informed.

The focus of assemblies Monday and Tuesday was the introduction by Mrs Long of Refugee Week, and these assemblies included educational videos, personal stories and statistics. Two assemblies however have not been the sum total of how we have approached raising awareness – organised by Mrs Long, there have been specific age related additional PSHE sessions this week, as well as short activities for completion during form time. One topic I observed being covered within the session was that of discrimination: Why does it happen? Why is it wrong to discriminate? What part can we play to prevent or eradicate it? All aspects of the week’s activities have also been approached with SMSC and FBV in mind.

No doubt about the weather being summery this week, not least of all because I have had to call shirt sleeve order for the majority of the week. That said, what could be more fitting than to sit and relax at a summer concert – which is exactly what many did on Thursday evening of this week. I was very disappointed that I was unable to attend on the night however, from speaking to staff, pupils and parents since; I know it was a huge success. I do not feel however that I missed out entirely on the concert, as I had the pleasure of sampling much of the rehearsing in the lead up, all of which sounded great – whether it was the Year 10 music students, or the very accomplished African Drummers. I was also able to hear the staff choir rehearsing, and I am reliably informed their performance on the night was well worth watching – I’m sure for the right reasons too. Mrs Romero-Fernandes and Mrs Sillet have performed a sterling job in preparing the pupils and carrying out all other preparations for the evening – this of course made all the more amazing given their current state and the recent soaring temperatures. I extend to them both a huge thank you. Please click here for photos.

As alluded to last week, the marquee was erected not only for the summer concert, but also for the CHSA summer fete. At the time of writing, the fete has yet to take place, although I am confident it will be a huge success. We all, of course, look forward to seeing how much the pupils enjoy the event, how much money is raised, and who will win the coveted raffle prizes.

Whilst the week culminates with all the busyness surrounding the fete, the start of the week was equally busy. Miss Reid, one of our talented English teachers, has taken on responsibility for organising and delivering the English Speaking Board examinations which took place on Monday and Tuesday for Year 7 pupils. The ESB exams, followed on from Miss Reid taking a small team of Year 9 public speakers to the St Mary’s Public Speaking competition at the end of last week. The team may not have brought back a medal, but they were very much a credit to the school, and provided a splendid performance – medal hopes for next year I am sure. Especial thanks
to Miss Reid.

On Monday Mr Dowson and colleagues made an early start when taking athletes to the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham – I will not steal Mr Dowson asunder, but if you read his sports newsletter, you will know why he has every reason to be pleased; not least of all due to some record breaking performances. Well done to Mr Dowson and his team – both staff and pupil.

Mr Newcomb also took pupils off site this week as he and other Humanities staff took the entire Year 8 group for a walk along the River Colne on Thursday. Blazing sun and torrential downpours formed part of the experience. This followed on from Mr Praite having taken the Year 10 geography students to the Hythe on Tuesday for the second data collection session required for Unit 3 compulsory fieldwork. Next week we have curriculum week, induction day, careers day and more trips to look forward to.

In short, there appears no sign of anything letting up – neither the busyness of school, nor the glorious weather.

Best wishes.

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