Mr Croydon’s Senior School Blog 17th March 2017

Andrew Croydon

There will remain one overriding memory from this week in school, and that, for me, will be the school show.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend both performances, and each was superb.  Quite easily I could fill up my entire blog about the show, but instead will endeavour to focus on a few points.  I shall not pick out any one particular performer, since each had a very important role to play, and each made a valuable contribution – from the main soloists to those with multiple roles, and from the backstage crew to the musical support.  Speaking to members of the audience during the interval and after the performance, there was unanimous amazement at the amount of lyrics the pupils had to learn, as well as the fact that many of the songs have a particularly fast tempo making their delivery all the more difficult – this however, was no barrier to the performers.

Probably the most tense time during the two evenings was on the second night when, shortly before ‘curtain up’, power in the main building was lost and, not only were the audience arriving in pitch dark, there was a possibility the performance would not be able to go ahead.  It was with great relief that the lights went back on and, having had to reset the microphones, the curtain was able to rise with only one minutes’ delay.

With so many memorable performers and performances,   I am sure this show will be remembered for many years to come.  It is therefore, not surprising that compliments from members of the audience have already been sent in, such as:  ‘what a brilliant production of Les Miserables, true to the spirit of the original story and performed so professionally by such a young cast’ and ‘last night’s performance was incredible’. It was however, not long after the final thanks had been given, that questions were being asked about what to expect for next year.  My thanks go to all the staff involved in the production, notably: Ms Haggerty, Ms Stanton, Mrs Romero-Fernandes, Mrs Candler.  Please click here for photos.

Turning my attention now to other features of the week – there was a Year 7 Taster Day on Monday of this week, and whilst I always take the opportunity to meet with and chat to pupils attending Taster Days, this time I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to deliver one of the lessons on the day.  Again, there have been a number of positive comments being fed back from parents of those attending the taster day.

Wednesday, I was out of school all day attending renewed safeguarding training. Then, Thursday, I was back in school delivering an assembly, teaching a lesson and dropping in on others.  One lesson I dropped in on left me very tempted to stay for the entirety of the hour.  Pupils were preparing specimen slides of leaf lower epidermal cells to view under a light microscope.  Never an easy task as, once the lacquer has dried, pupils need to peel off the dried layer which is arguably the most difficult part – though others would say focussing on the cells under the light microscope is equally difficult.  Either way, it is great the pupils get an opportunity to engage with practical work in their science studies.  Other topics of study in science this week have included the Menstrual Cycle and properties of covalent substances.

The Year 11 GCSE PE group had their moderation afternoon to cover the practical performance element of the course.  Before and after school intervention sessions have continued.  Year 11 pupils have received their final school report, and preparations are in place for the final intervention for Art and Product Design pupils in Year 11.

As always, there was plenty taking place in school, and plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks leading up to the Easter break.

I hope all will get a chance for a bit of rest at the weekend, in amongst homework, revision and all the other activities our pupils engage with at the weekend.

Best wishes.

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