Kindness Poem – Wellbeing Week 2018

Kindness Poem - Wellbeing Week 2018

In our Monday assembly as part of Wellbeing Week, Year 5 wrote poems about what kindness. Mrs Hazell put together the ideas into one poem which we have shared below. We hope it brightens your day:


Kindness is the colour of rainbows, roses, clouds and sunsets

It smells like fresh baked cookies,

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory,

Blossoming flowers in a field,

And warm caramel on a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

It tastes like fresh fruit growing in the summer breeze,

Hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day,

Juicy strawberries on a hot day.

It sounds like flutes playing in the mountains,

The melody of a violin,

Birds singing in the trees,

Butterflies whispering wings,

And unicorns gliding.

It looks like first flowers blooming,

A loving heart,

New friends meeting and old friends reuniting,

A puff of magical star dust

And a fairy garden.


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