Junior PGL Blog 2017

CHS pupils enjoy day out

PGL - day 4 - 6/7/17

This week has been an energetic, tiring week, but extremely fun. The reason we all enjoyed all the activities that we did was because they made us try something new and break our boundaries! Some activities that have been done so far out of the week are: zip wire, where you had to jump off a watchtower wearing a harness and attached to a wire; raft building, where we all got soaked after jumping into the dirty water – you should have heard the stampede of thuds that were leading to the showers after the activity was finished! Overall, our 5 days at PGL has been great. Everyone enjoyed the week for sure! Everyone who came this week can agree that they have challenged themselves and have learnt something new! These few days have definitely been an amazing end to an excellent school year! By Lucy and Kayleigh

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PGL day 3 - 5/7/2017

Today was a great day. We got up quite early for breakfast and then we headed off to the amazing activities. The first activity that I did was Aeroball and it was awesome. The aim of the game was to throw a softball at a target and try score as many points as you can. After I had finished Aeroball I went on the massive zip wire. I climbed up the stairs to the top of the tower. I was extremely nervous about stepping off a colossal tower but I managed to do it. I took one simple step off the tower and I was off. I went speeding down the wire at a tremendous speed and then was pulled to a stop by the instructor. I then got off and I wanted to go again so I did and I loved it. We all then went to lunch and had a bit of a break. After lunch I did Survival where we made a den and fire then after that I did Low Ropes. In Low Ropes we did an obstacle course where I had to balance a lot. We finally had dinner. After we had dinner it was disco time! We had a great time dancing and after the disco we played a few quick games then went off to bed. Dominic

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PGL day 2 - 4/7/2017

Today we woke up tired from last night and the fun we had had. Slowly but surely we got out of our beds and got dressed. At 8:00am we went for breakfast and after that we went to do the sensory trail. It put me in the shoes of someone who is blind and I realised how hard it was for them and what blind people were going through. After that we did climbing which involved a lot, and i mean a lot, of ropes but we got the hang of it and both me and my friend got to the top. After lunch we went to do archery which I and many others found very hard, but on the other hand, my best friend Nick got four bullseyes which was the highest in our school so far in that challenge. After that was my favourite challenge. Jacob’s ladder. This was when you had to climb a very wobbly ladder. Me and my two friends Nick and Dom climbed to the top. A lot of teamwork had to be put in to that challenge and that was why it was my favourite. Alfie

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PGL day 1- 3/7/17

At the start of the day we came to school feeling keen and exited for the journey ahead of us. After a two and a half hour journey we picked up our luggage and placed it in a hut because our rooms were not ready yet. While we were waiting for our rooms to be free we played two games with our PGL groupie – Jen. She then took us for a tour so we would know where most things were. Then we found out who we were sleeping with, then we all went for dinner; I had basil and sun dried tomato pasta and so did Amelia. It was delicious if you ask me! After that it was time to play a game called Ambush. It’s when one team has to hide in the plants or bushes and then the other team has to try and find the other hiding team. If they did find the hiding team then they would shout AMBUSH!!!! Then unfortunately it was time to go to bed…. We are looking forward to PGL day 2!!!!! Lindsey, Amelia and Jake.

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