Global Be Well Day 2021 – September 30 2021

Global Be Well Day takes place every September and pupils from Cognita Schools across the world, take a break from normal lessons to focus on wellbeing. This year, the pupils spent time learning about empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It was a wonderful day, where Seniors organised activities with the younger pupils focused on teaching them about giving back and doing things that have a positive impact on their own wellbeing or the world around them. Below are some pictures and testimonials from the children about the day!

‘Joshua really loved his special day at school today. He talked about it all the way home!’ Reception Parent

“We loved having the Year 7’s come to see us!” Year 1

“We looked at being respectful and how to be an amazing friend.” Ben, Year 2

“If you imagine that you are someone else and that person is sad, you can give a better response to them.” Millie, Year 4

“We learnt about how Habib was resilient. We thought about how we can be resilient in our own lives”. – Eleanor, Year 5

“I have learnt about how hard it must be to live through some events in life.” Aaron, Year 7

“We enjoyed being linked to the Lower School and helping the younger years”. Daniel, Year 8


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