Cardiovascular Research Trust STEM Ambassador Year 6 Virtual Workshop

On Tuesday 27 April, the Year 6 pupils were fortunate to participate in a Cardiovascular Research Trust Workshop, this is what they had to say…….

Today was an amazing Science lesson! We had a very kind man called Stuart McNab who taught us all about the circulatory system. The circulatory system is the system which pumps blood around your body. It was so interesting looking at all the diagrams about the heart and circulatory system. The heart was so different from what I thought it looked like, it was fascinating. There were two sides to the heart, two atriums and two ventricles. What I thought was intriguing, and I never knew, was that veins pump blood into your heart and arteries pump blood out of your heart. I loved watching the picture of the blood cells going into your foot, supplying it with blood, and then going back to the body and repeating it all over again. I’d love to learn even more about the circulatory system, and a huge, huge thank you to Stuart McNab from the Cardiovascular Research Trust for explaining it all and making it so interesting to learn about. By Martha

I found the talk with Stuart McNab from the Cardiovascular Research Trust to be very interesting and informative. I learnt that the circulatory system is the system that your body goes through to pump blood through your body, and Stuart explained in such an engaging way: using comparisons to real life e.g. The cells are cars and your veins and arteries are the roads. The parts of the circulatory system that I now know are: the veins, the arteries, and the heart. Although learning about those things were fun, I think that the most interesting thing that I learnt was the way to remember which way the arteries and veins go to the heart. The way that you remember it is the Arteries go Away from the heart, and the veINs go INto the heart. Overall, I think that this was a fun session, and I would like to learn more about the circulatory system in the future. By Tom

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