Learning Support

We are well set up to offer additional help to pupils, thanks to our small classes, high-quality teaching and dedicated Learning Support Department.

One of the strengths of Colchester High School is our insistence on small class sizes. This allows our teachers to get to know the aptitudes and weaknesses of every child in great detail, and to monitor their progress closely.

This means we are quick to spot areas where a pupil needs additional help – something that can happen with any child at any stage. And it also means we are quick to respond, which is key to ensuring that the effects of any issue can be minimised and possible future problems avoided altogether.

If a parent or teacher has concerns about a pupil, they can turn to our dedicated Learning Support Department. They then work with the teacher, the pupil and the pupil’s family to identify any issues, including problems with, for example, reading, spelling, comprehension, memory, social skills and fine motor skills.

Our Learning Support team, perhaps with guidance from specialist external practitioners, will then devise a structured scheme of support specifically for the child. This might involve the pupil spending time in the department to receive specific input – either as part of a small group or on a one-to-one basis. Or they might receive additional support in the classroom.

In either case, the key is providing high-quality individualised teaching – and that is something that Colchester High School prides itself on delivering for every child. And because our Learning Support Department caters for pupils in our Nursery, Lower School and Senior School, we can offer a continuity of support that really makes a difference as pupils progress through the school.

If you have any concerns about your child, the door to our Learning Support Department is always open. Talk to your child’s teacher or contact Cora Allen, our Head of Learning Support. We will be delighted to work with you to address any issue at any time.