Academic Results

Our individualised approach coupled with the high standards we set means that our pupils achieve consistently strong results across the school.

We set the bar high for every pupil at Colchester High School, giving each of them the individual attention they need to stay motivated, work hard and achieve their full potential. The results they go on to achieve are a source of pride to us all. Here are the most recent figures.


Our Sixth Form students performed significantly better in their A-levels than their peers at other schools across the country.


Every student passed every exam they sat


Almost every grade awarded was between A* and C.

The national average is 77.6%


We achieved exceptional results at GCSE with every single pupil entered in Art, Biology, Computing, History, Additional Maths and Statistics achieving an A* to C grade. Other highlights include:


87% of our pupils were awarded five or more A* to C grades


94% of our pupils were awarded an A* to C grade in Maths.
The national average is 69.1%


89% of our pupils were awarded an A* to C grade in English.
The national average is 69.7%

Key Stage 2

At the end of Year 6, the majority of our pupils reached levels of attainment beyond what would be expected for their age group.


Every single pupil met the standards expected for their age group


Over three quarters of our pupils exceeded national expectations for Reading


Two thirds of our pupils exceeded national expectations for Maths


We are proud to report that eight of our pupils were offered places at local grammar schools in 2017.

Key Stage 1

At the end of Year 2, our teachers assess the children on their attainment in Maths, Writing and Reading. The results demonstrate the difference that a CHS education can make.


Almost all of our children meet the level expected in their age group in Maths, Writing and Reading


Almost half our children exceed the nationally expected level in Reading


Almost a third of our children exceed the nationally expected level in Maths


By the end of Reception year, the benefits of a Colchester High School education are clear, as you can see in the levels of attainment reached by our children in relation to literacy and numeracy, and the three prime areas of learning: communication and language; physical development; and social and emotional development.


86% of our boys and girls achieve a ‘good level of development’.
The national average was 69.3%